The Gothic Revival in Britain - Book List

A Good Place To Start…

Brooks, C. The Gothic Revival
London: Phaidon, 1999

Groom, N. The Gothic: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012
(A Good - and short - discussion of the Gothic. It includes Literature, Art and Film as well as Architecture)

Lewis, M. J. The Gothic Revival
London: Thames And Hudson, 2002

Whyte, W. Unlocking the Church: The Lost Secrets of Victorian Sacred Space
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020
(A fascinating discussion of the way in which the Victorians reimagined a Church, its significance and Function.)


Aslet, C. The Arts and Crafts Country House: From the archives Of 'Country Life.'
London: Aurum Press, 2011

Barlow, A. Kempe: The Life, Art and Legacy of Charles Eamer Kempe
Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 2018

Barnwell, P. S. (Ed.) Sir George Gilbert Scott, 1811 - 1878
Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2014

Bremner, G. A. Imperial Gothic: Religious Architecture and the High Anglican Culture in the British Empire, 1840 - 1870
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013

Brooks, C. (Ed.) The Victorian Church: Architecture and Society
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1995

Clark, K. The Gothic Revival: An Essay in the History of Taste - 3rd Edition
London: John Murray, 1962

Dixon, R. (Ed.) George Gilbert Scott and the Scott Dynasty
London: Polytechnic of North London, 1980

Dixon, R. & Muthesius, S. Victorian Architecture - 2nd Edition
London: Thames and Hudson, 1985

Girouard, M. The Victorian Country House - 2nd Ed.
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1979

Girouard, M. The Return to Camelot: Chivalry and the English Gentleman
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1981

Gwynn, D. Lord Shrewsbury, Pugin and the Catholic Revival
London: Hollis and Carter, 1946

Hall, M. George Frederick Bodley and the Later Gothic Revival in Britain and America
New Haven: Yale University Books, 2014

Hill, R. God's Architect: Pugin and the Building of Romantic Britain
London: Penguin Books, 2008

Jenkins, S. England's Thousand Best Churches
London: Allen Lane, 1999

Saint, A. Richard Norman Shaw

Stamp, G. Gothic for the Steam Age: An Illustrated Biography of George Gilbert Scott
London: Aurum Press, 2015

Stanton, P. Pugin
London: Thames and Hudson, 1971

Symondson, A. & Bucknall, S. Sir Ninian Comper: An Introduction to His Life and Work with Complete Gazetteer
Reading: Spire Books, 2006

Tinniswood, A. The Arts and Crafts House
London: Mitchell Beazley, 1999

White, J. F. The Cambridge Movement
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1962

Yates, N. The Oxford Movement and Anglican Ritualism
London: The Historical Association, 1983

Books On Individual Buildings

The Palace Of Westminster

The Palace Of Westminster Official Guidebook

Big Ben And Elizabeth Tower Guidebook

St. Pancras Station And Hotel

Bradley, S. St. Pancras Station
London: Profile Books, 2011

Christopher, J. St. Pancras Station Through Time
Stroud: Amberley, 2013

Lansley, A. The Transformation of St. Pancras Station
London: Laurence King, 2011

Simmons, J. St. Pancras Station - 2nd Ed.
London: Philimore, 2003

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Kennerley, P. The Building of Liverpool Cathedral
London: Carnegie, 1991

Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception
Farm Street, London

Hall, M. Farm Street: The Story of the Jesuits' Church In London
London: Unicorn, 2016

National Trust Guidebooks


Castle Drogo

Lindisfarne Castle

Guide Books

Truro Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral

Cameron, A. Keble Past and Present
London: Third Millenium, 2008

Liverpool Cathedral

Norwich Roman Catholic Cathedral

Oxford Museum - Architecture in Detail


The Victorian Web

A useful resource for all things Victorian!

The Ecclesiological Society

The Pugin Society

Terror and Wonder: the Gothic imagination

A British Library exhibition from 2015 on the significance of the Gothic literary tradition.

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