The Holy Roman Empire 800 AD to 1806 - The Thousand-Year Reich - Lecture Programme

1.    Charlemagne and the Legacy of Rome

2.    The Holy Roman Empire before 1500

3.    The Hanseatic League - Trade in Northern Europe

4.    Reformation and Accommodation: The Holy Roman Empire in the Sixteenth Century

5.    The Thirty Years War

6.    War on Two Fronts - The Confrontation with Louis XIV and the Ottoman Empire

7.    The Iron Kingdom - The Rise of Prussia

8.    The Empire Strikes Back!: The Holy Roman Empire in the Eighteenth Century

9.    A Dual Monarchy - Hanover and Great Britain 1714 - 1837

10.    Napoleon and the End of Empire

11.    Shadows of Empire from Napoleon to the European Union

12.    Conclusion and Presentations

September 2018

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