Reformation, Religion and Revolution in Tudor and Early Stuart England, 1500 - 1650 - Lecture Programme

1. New Frontiers - Exploration and the 'New Learning

2. Reformers! Catholic and not so Catholic!

3. Henry VIII's 'Great Matter' and the Early Reformation

4. England's Josiah - Edward VI, Cranmer and The Book of Common Prayer

5. Fires of Faith - The Reign of Mary Tudor

6. Queen Elizabeth, Religion and Foxe's Book of Martyrs

7. The Reformation of Images

8. Gloriana! The Image of Elizabeth

9. The English Catholic Community - Martyrs or Traitors?

10. Divine Rights in Early Modern England

11. Puritans, Regicides and Royal Martyrs

12. Conclusions and Presentations

Andrew Lacey
May 2017

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